Congratulations to Galliker Dairy Company and our Grant Writers: Catherine M. Quinn, MS & Brooke L. Sheeler, MA

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JOHNSTOWN, Pa (WJAC) — Local lawmakers announced the approval of over half a million dollars’ worth of grants that will allow several local dairies to expand their operations and buy new equipment.

The Galliker Dairy Company received over $470,000 to purchase a new Lynx Ice Cream Cup Filler machine at its dairy processing facility in Richland.

The grant will supplement the money that Galliker has already invested in the project.

“Many local residents don’t realize what a large footprint Galliker’s has in the mid-Atlantic area as a supplier of milk, iced tea and ice cream,” said Rep. Jim Rigby.

“The grant they independently pursued and are receiving will allow them to significantly increase their daily ice cream production capability from 830 gallons to more than 1,600 gallons.”

Hidden Hills Dairy, LLC received a grant of $35,384 to purchase and install cheese-making equipment at its dairy farm, located in West Providence Township, Bedford County.

The dairy is currently unable to process all the fluid milk it produces and often must dispose of excess due to the lack of aging and storage space.

The equipment additions will allow the dairy to double its cheese production and sales over the next two years and includes plans to expand offerings to include flavored cheeses and cheese balls.

Paul Van Grouw, a sole proprietorship in Stoneycreek Township that produces cheese, has been awarded $50,000 to assist with the expansion of their value-added dairy facility.

The grant will be used for the purchase and installation of pasteurization, cheesemaking and bottling equipment.

This equipment will allow Van Grouw to produce and sell several varieties of new milk products, as well as increase the capacity of his own cheese production and sale.

Pleasant View Organic Dairy, of Paint Township, has been awarded $23,166 to assist with the building of a small-scale A2 milk processing plant.

This will eliminate the company’s need to transport the milk, as the processing plant will be located inside its milk house; it will also lower the costs of operation and increase the efficiency of production.

“Agriculture is the backbone of Pennsylvania’s economy, and the dairy industry is a crucial part of it,” said Rep. Carl Walker Metzgar.

“I’m very happy to see the CFA’s (Commonwealth Financing Authority) continued commitment to supporting our local dairy farmers.”

“Agriculture and the dairy industry are not only important contributors to our local economy, but also an important part of our heritage,” state Sen. Wayne Langerholc, Jr. said.

“I’m pleased that these local dairies can use their grants to expand their operation and offer new products which will make them more successful.”